Quater Of A Century

Sunday, 6 April 2014 21:22

This time last week I turned 25 years old, or quarter of a century as annoying people put it. I got a card from everyone at work which was really cool and some tools I asked for. I’ve been putting off blogging for a bit instead of sitting down and writing one. My mind is a blank, as it often is.

I bought a some DVDs and CDs I’ve liked but never got around to buying. There’s a lot of things I like but never buy just because I didn’t used to earn money. Before my job I only got money for birthdays and Christmas so I asked for things then. I’m slowly realising that I can buy things and within a short amount of time I’ve earned enough money from work.

I need to go and get some new books to read on my lunch. I’m thinking Caves of Steel for a start since I read the second in the series without knowing it was a series. iRobot is another one I should finish off since my free copy only contains 2/3 of the stories. My dad’s got a Kindle with lots of books on it that I used to read at my old work to take my mine off the shithole I worked in. I’ve got most of the Discworld collection in my bedroom but I’ve never read any of them, only listened to them on cassette tape.