Drag Racing And Learning

Tuesday, 13 May 2014 20:31

On Sunday I spent eight hours hanging out with my mate at an air field. I took my car drag racing there. We looked at all the other racers and cars on show there but mostly just hung out together in my car. One of us always had to be with the car when it was in the queue to keep moving it forwards. It was windy and cold for the time of year so it was nice being in the warm, dry car. We had a great day out and it was a good experience, everyone there was friendly and I did consistant runs.

It was nice to spend a day away from computers and out with a friend. I spent all day with computers at work and then the rest of my free time on them watching things, playing games and chatting to people. I’m using VIM to write this; I’ve got it full screen with transparancy turned off so I don’t get distacted. I’ve not written much the past few months and I’m not really pleased with the last two. They feel unfinished; like I was meant to get back to them but now it’s been too long. I need to invest time and effort into the things I like instead of putting it off. Like I’ve been meaning to start working out and I keep thinking “I’ll start on Monday”. I’ve been thinking that for almost two months now.

Work had been going well and since the office move I seem to be more confident. I gain confidence by doing things that make me nervous and realising that there’s nothign scary about it. Things like answering the phone at work and working on bigger projects by myself. The guy I work with on most projects went on hoilday for two weeks which meant I had to step up a little. I had to talk to a client and tackle problems by myself instead of relying on him to fix it. Of course there were some problems I couldn’t complete and he fixed within a few mintutes when he was back. If I think about what I’m capable of now and what I was X months ago, I’m pretty pleased with myself and want to continue to improve myself. This week I’m giving some software called TMUX ago.