The Lazy Blogger

Monday, 30 June 2014 10:30

I’ve not written much in my blog, posted many car updates or done much CLFS in my spare time. In fact I don’t do very much in my spare time. Somewhere between getting home from work and going to bed time seems to disappear, leaving nothing behind. I doss about on the internet; talking to friends and looking at car parts and tools until my desktop crashes for the 20th time that day. It’s like I don’t make the most of life. Don’t get my wrong; I’m not gonna pack my bag and travel around Europe I just want….Something left behind. After the time has pasted I want something to show for it instead of this cycle of wanting it to be the weekend and then doing fuck all like the rest of the week.

Yesterday was spent doing nothing but swearing at my computer when it crashed and watching motorsport for eight hours until 5pm when my friend came over. We went out for a spirited drive were I kinda attempted to find out the max speed of my car whilst he was using some scantool to see if there was anything with the car. We then went about looking at what was wrong with my axle and changing the fuel filter. After dinner my brother and I played Payday 2 with our friends for an hour or so. So I had a good four hours with friends and nothing to show for the rest.

Today when I got home from work I didn’t doss about. I saw my grandad after work and when I got home I set about servicing my bike which I’ve had for about eight years but dad bought for himself in 2001. My bike is something that is mine and I do everything to, I know what I’m doing and I don’t need to rely on anyone to work on it. I worked on my bike in the garden until dinner and then worked on it after until it started getting cold. I hope that I can keep doing things in the evenings and spend more time outside but the only thing that is stopping me is me and he scares me.