Going To Ford Fair

Monday, 28 July 2014 21:20

I got a new phone last week. It’s the first new phone I’ve had in many years. I’m a scavenger and use other people’s throw outs. My last four phones have all been family member’s ex-contract phones. I do this thing where I think ages about buying something but once my mind is made up I’ll go for it. I was looking at some Sony phones for ages but saw some reviews that said they were bad so I looked at another phone, saw a review and most importantly, my mate has one so I could see it in person. I ordered mine that night and I’m loving it.

Right now I’m wondering if I should go to Ford Fair. I found out that my mate is coming down to visit next Monday so that’s given me a deadline to do various things I want so I’ve gone for it. Bought various bits that all need to be fitted to the car within the week. I was planning on doing it over a whole weekend but considering how long it might take me and that I might be going out all of Sunday.

I’m gonna be working on it every free evening I have this week to make sure it’s done in time. It’s a good sign of my confidence and knowledge that I’ve removed the rear brakes and a stub axle. It was a bit of a pain to get the stub axle off because of the suspension so I’m considering dropping the axle and removing the springs to make it easier and to ensure all the nuts are tightened up good and proper. The last thing I want is to right off my car because I didn’t do up a bolt tight enough.

I’ve given myself a deadline to do the things I want to my car as it’s best to do them all at the same time. Otherwise I’d be putting things back together and taking them off again instead of in one big go. Looking at the dispatch emails all the big bits have been shipped but the paint hasn’t which kinda sucks. An important thing was getting the stub axle replaced which my cousin was able to do today when we thought it would have to wait to Saturday which would be cutting things fine.

Just bought my Ford Fair ticket :D I’ve never been to it before but it should be interesting and it will be great to see Ricky again and what he’s done to this car. It will also be the first time he’s seen my car. I’ve not seen him in two years and I’ve helped him with his car. By buying the ticket and sort of forcing myself to do something that seems daunting. Say ‘Yes’ now, panic later.

It does seem like I’m trying to throw away my money this month but I’m spending it on things that will make me happy. Money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you car parts and a phone that works. I mean I can now make phone calls and text people without waiting for the phone to catch up. It’s probably better for a lot of things than this laptop but I can type so much faster on this keyboard than my phone. Now I’m looking at track gloves and helmet so I don’t have to keep borrowing my mates.