Going to the Pub

Friday, 29 August 2014 21:46

I went to the pub with everyone from work a few weeks back and had a great time chatting to everyone. It was really good going out in a group and chatting until the pub closed. They got me fairly drunk since I forgot my wallet and after my second pint Sam kept buying my halfs when I was gonna stop. I don’t get this drunk or stay out as late with my friends because one of us always has work the next day. I was alright until I rode my bike home at super fast speed which is probably the reason I threw up at home. After a little sick I was alright and made myself toast and just got on with life. I was feeling a bit fragile the next day though.

It was bank hoilday last weekend but I didn’t do very much because the weather was grey and wet and I’d forgotten to order parts for my car service. I’ve had my Fiesta for just over a year now so it had it’s MOT and Car Tax paid. I’d spotted a 1996 Subaru Impreza 2000 Turbo Prodrive limited edition (#22 of 25) for only £1,650 but I’d have to sell my Fista if I bought that car. After some thought I decided that I wasn’t finished with my Fista and that I wasn’t serious about the Scooby. Whilst it could be really cool it would also get me in trouble as it’s more powerful and four wheel drive. By the time I’d find the limits it would already be too late and have an accident of some kinda. I was lucky in my last accident because nobody got hurt, only I was involed and there wasn’t much damage done to the car. It would have been written off by the insurance if I had claimed / told them after only have it for a few months.

I spent the weekend updating my quote database website which was interesting cos it showed how much basic coding I’d forgotten since I don’t really create HTML forms or use MySQLi much any more. I also spend five hours updating my car build / owner log as it takes me a long time to sort out the pictures and write it up. I did about two hours on the photos and three hours writing it all up. I still have a few updates to do from soon after I got my car but haven’t for one reason or another. Probably cos I’m not happy telling people about it.