Lack Of Posts

Monday, 17 November 2014 21:56

When I restarted my website I set myself a goal of putting out at least two or three blog posts a month. As you can see I don’t always manage this. Of the last two posts one will not be getting published because it’s far to personal for me to share it with the internet. It was helpful for me to write it but I won’t be sharing it. The second blog post is about a dream I keep having but it’s kind of hard for me to explain it. The dream has the same themes and settings but many variations and something that might happen in one might not happen in any others or might happen in all but not in one etc etc. See? Hard to explain. If the blog post before this one is a small essay then I did publish it. I do try to publish my blog posts in the order they’re written but this sometimes means nothing comes out for weeks / months as a large post holds up smaller ones.