Busy And Bike Gear

Sunday, 30 November 2014 16:40

Since I’ve come back from holiday work seems to be mental. Everything seems to be due tomorrow, today or sometime last week. I’m getting a bit annoyed by the amount of things I’ve started but not finished because I’ve had to move onto something more important. My job load isn’t the worst; I feel sorry for that poor bastard. I try and do the best work that I can but sometimes, after a long while, I just stop caring and want it to work.

I went out with my friend and bought a motorbike helmet and gloves. I don’t like buying clothes and will often put up with something that isn’t quiet the right size but this it important for motorbike gear. We spent a good while in the shop with my friend handing me a helmet and looking for the next whilst I try it on. In the end I bought the first one the shop assistant showed us because it fitted the best.

My plan is to wait until February / March time and do my full motorbike test. My friend at work pointed out that if you do it in December you’d be a better rider because of the worse conditions you have to learn in. I did my CBT in September and my theory test in early October. Both October and November have been warmer than I expected so I could have done my test then but since I can’t predict the future I didn’t. Dad thinks that I can get good deals on bike gear after Christmas so I’ll try and get the rest then.