Friday, 2 January 2015 22:57

It’s a new year and this means a new start for many people. You get a pass that lets you drink, sleep and eat as much as you want for Christmas and New Years but after the New Year Day hangover, you need to pay the bill. Set yourself new and exciting goals for the year that sound very similar to last year’s but this time you really mean it.

My goals are to get my motorbike license by April and the motorbike itself by summer. To improve my health by working out and eating better. To improve my skills, both programming and mechanic. These are not my new years resolutions through, they are goals that I’m already working towards. Why wait for the year to be increment by one before you set yourself a goal and start working towards?

I’ve learnt a lot of work but I want to learn Symfony 2 at home in my own way. That way when I start using it at work I’ll already have some understanding instead of going in blind. I’ve been improving my mechanic skills by doing more and more advanced work on my cars and doing more work by myself. I’ve thought about getting a motorbike for a while but never committed to it until I make the leap and booked my CBT test. I’ve been working out for the last two weeks which isn’t long but it’s a start. I just need to build up momentum to keep going and add more to my workout as time goes on.

I want to make myself a better person and I’m not waiting for a special date to start working towards this.