Initial D

Friday, 16 January 2015 22:24

I found a YouTube channel that has the Initial D anime from the 90s on it and I’ve watched the first five so far. I’ve read a few thousand pages of the manga and didn’t think the anime would be any good but I’ve really been enjoying it. It uses CGI for all the moving cars and the racing but the rest is normal anime. It’s a nice mix between the two, for example you see the CGI outside of the car then it cuts to an anime view of the driver. The graphics and music reminds me of 90s arcade racing games and the original Gran Turismo for the Playstation. It keeps me hooked as it’s decent story mixed with racing and car talk. The translation is pretty well done and they’ve spent a lot of time on the cars, getting them to look and sound realistic as possible. The Toyota AE86 looks and sounds like an AE98 where as the Mazda RX-7 FD looks and sounds like an FD as the cars are important to the story.

I was getting all exited watching the first one and it was giving me ideas about getting a rear wheel drive to muck about it. Something I wouldn’t care if I crashed or damaged that I could go drifting in. Once my mind settled down I watched a few more episodes. It’s been almost two years since I went out drifting as a passenger but I was kinda getting bored of that. If I go drifting again I wanna be the driver. What’s stopping me from doing that is that I’d need to sort out everything that goes with a third car which will probably cost as much as the car itself. I’ve gotta sort out a motorbike and the two cars I already have before I get any more.