Web Design

Saturday, 4 July 2015 23:58

I’ve been lying in my bed trying to sleep but I can’t. It’s too hot and I’m just not sleepy enough. I’m also in a bit of an annoyed mood for some reason. Maybe because nobody else does the washing up. Or because I need a special tool to finish working on my car. So instead of just lying in bed listening to my podcast, waiting to fall asleep, I got out of bed and went to the computer to blog.

I’ve made some new changes to my website as I kept the ideas that I liked. I’m teaching myself more about web design as I can program websites but I don’t understand much about the design designs or why things work. I read about web design and user experience (UX) online and then look at my website so see what improvements I can make. This website has always been a place for me to experiment and learn new things. I’m more of a back end developer but I want to learn about front end so I can help make the websites I work on better. I’m good a polishing but I tend to design by accident. I though a lot of shit and keep whatever sticks. A quote I like is “Steal like a profession” which is about taking lots of design ideas from other places and putting them together in your own combination.