My Big Little Bike

Monday, 31 August 2015 10:30

Music: Macklemore - The language of my word

My KTM Duke 125 with L plates
My KTM Duke 125

I’ve had my motorbike a little over a week now and every time I go out on it I’ve better than before. In the 10 days that I’ve had it I’ve been out about 8 times. I’m trying to go out on it whenever the weather is okay and it’s still light out. I’ve only had three days of riding a motorbike before so I’m taking it easy. When putting my coat on for the first ride I noticed that the right cuff was open, then remembered that the last time I wore by bike gear I broke my elbow.

Every time I go out I’m noticeable better than before, I think it’s a mixture of confidence and practice. On Saturday everything just seemed to click, I was getting up to speed and getting their faster. The catch to this is I then come up to corners faster where I’m not as confident. I’m learning over more and riding in the centre of the road instead of over to the left (We drive on the left in this country).

I’ve been overtaken a few times which I don’t mind as long as they do it safely. Most give me plenty of room and overtake in safe places. What I do mind is when people tailgate me. I’m riding with Learner plates on and I can slow down by engine braking without the brake light coming on because I’m still new to this. So I get worried that they’ll hit me which makes me more skittish. Driving close enough to a learner than you can read the dealer information on the number plate is not helping them. Other than these idiots I’m enjoying the motorbike and loving the progress I’m making.