New Work

Sunday, 27 September 2015 21:55

This month I’ve been learning Symfony2 at work so I can take some of the load off of my coworker. I like learning and making progress so it’s kinda self-motivating for me. I get shown how to do something and left to my own devices to get the work done with what I’ve learn. Sometimes it’s just editing code and other it’s like solving a puzzle but first you need to find all the pieces.

This month we also moved offices and joined up with another company to form a bigger, better company. The new office looks amazing and the guys we have joined up with are great. I look forward to getting to know them all better, I just hope I never have to be called as a witness for one of them. We’re still figuring out what each other do and our old lot are still trying to clear their backlog. We all get on well with each other which is the most important thing.

The drive to work is longer but it’s a good run for me. There is only one real bottle neck in my trip that I could avoid if I took a different route. I’ve had my motorbike four weeks and have already built up the confidence to ride it to the new office. It’s about a 40 mile (64Km) round trip to work and on the way back I managed to hit 68mph (104Km/h). Riding to the old office had lots of roundabouts and was 60mph (97Km/h) which isn’t bad on a 125. The new office is fast dual carriageway for most of the trip which is bad so I take to the country roads. They take longer but since I can’t go as fast as I do in the car it’s safer.