A Day Off Sick

Saturday, 17 October 2015 21:53

Music: Timless Echo (A Chill Trap mix) by MrSuicideSheep

Last Sunday my friends and cousin were over helping me work on my dad’s car. Even though it’s October it was a nice day and warm in the sun so I had my top off. It may have been the first signs of my body’s thermostat going haywire as a few hours later I started feeling snotty. I sometimes get a really bad cold that comes and goes within 24 hours but wipes me out and at 6pm on a Sunday it was going to be an issue. I had a fitful night sleep and woke up feeling horrible.

I wasn’t going to go into work but “I have a really bad cold” sounds like a rubbish excuse and also doesn’t convey how shit I really feel. I wondered into the office about 9:20 and kept my distance from everyone so as to not infect them. I managed to talk to a few customers via email but I wasn’t with it enough to do anything else. An hour and a half after the 11am meeting was meant to start my manage thanked me for trying and I just went home.

I felt freezing. After lunch I got fully clothed into bed with a blanket and slept for a few hours. By the evening my body’s thermostat had started to work again and realised that I was baking myself. This was my second sick day at the company and third in full time employment. I’m sure I would have had more if I hadn’t of broken my elbow at the start of a week off. I’ve been to work before where I’ve not been 100% fine and I’m normally knocked down a bit by my hayfever but I’m able to get on and work.

I would have taken my motorbike everyday this week if I hadn’t of been ill but instead I took the nice, warm car. I’m trying to ride my motorbike to work as much as possible now before winter sets in. At the moment the conditions are getting harder as I’m getting better, which is giving me a nice learning curve. Everyday it gets a bit darker on the way home and sometimes a bit wetter too. The roads between my home and work are unlit country roads which I take because I can only do 60 mph (100Km/h) without trashing the bike.