Saturday, 31 October 2015 23:33

I’m now off on holiday for a week. I’m not going away anywhere, just time off work. My boss also goes away for part of next week so hopefully there will still be a company there when I come back. I had kinda been planning to go up to Scotland to pick up a car with my friend. However the car isn’t ready and I need to look into how to get it back down south properly.

I haven’t go any plans apart from hang out with my friend. He’s decided we’re both getting wasted Sunday night because he’s off too. The last time this happened he was a bit rough in the morning and I felt like shite. Once I recovered enough to leave the house I went with my dad to pay for the motorbike. When drinking I get to a point where I’m so drunk I stop drinking and start having water. At this point he’s normally a round ahead of me and has my drink too. Sometimes with disastrous results (for him).

I only ever drink with friends and they work weekends which means I drink during the week. This is okay until one of them has the next day off and we’re on spirits. He has a rough day off and I go to work with a hang over. It’s just a thing that happens. I feel rough and try to do easier tasks at work or monotask. After lunch I feel much better. I work in a cool place where you can have a drink sometimes which lead to me being tipsy in the afternoon after a pub lunch.