Lots Of Work

Monday, 29 February 2016 20:24

This year has been busy so far and will continue to be for the next two months as I work on getting big projects done. This means that I’m having to stay late to get things done. I got a new laptop for myself but I also set it up for work. This is great as it means I can go home at 5:30 and then keep working in my PJs instead of alone in an office.

The projects can seem overwhelming at times but I just need to break them down into smaller tasks and focus on them. Kinda like Lego, you stick all the little bits together to make one great big thing. I just need to keep my head done and keep at it until I come out of the other site. Then I’ll probably piss off on holiday somewhere and hope nothing I just built falls apart.

I’ve not been riding my motorbike as much because it’s been so cold my hands hurt by the time I get to work. I’m trying another pair of winter gloves but I think only heated grips will work when it’s this cold. I’m having a lot of fun riding it hard on roads I know and out on my weekend trips. However hard I ride it I always get great L/100Km (MPG) out of the little thing.