Short Stories

Sunday, 21 May 2017 22:47

My friend at work said that I have a novelistic approch to wrting on my blog and asked if I wrote any stories. So one night I set myself a goal of writing 10 very short stories. When I was done I tried to write 10 even shorter stories. My aim with these stories was to create an image in someone’s head using as few words as possible. The image you may have in yours might not be the same as mine but that’s the fun part.

1. Colin

The alarm woke Colin. He couldn’t be fucked to go to court, not today of all days.

2. Tracy

“Don’t aruge with me!” Tracy shouted at her kids as she shoved them into the air lock and closed the door behind them. The sound of the sirens were getting quieter, or rather the decreasing about of air was making it seem that way. She crawled out of sight of the air lock, she didn’t want her kids to see.

3. Hongfu

Honfu was a srewed business man. Taking the business from his fathers cold, dead hands would be easy. He just needed to figure out a way to make it look like an accident.


She closed the trunk and go into the car. She wiped away a tear before starting the engine and slipping away into the early morning. She loved her husband and kids and hoped they would understand.


On the otherside of the door was a man, calm and composed but not serious. If you were to ignore his clothes you would think it was just another day on the earth for him. He was doing his tie as the door opened and the love on his life walked in. He greeted them with a warm smile full of love. In a few short hours they would be married.

6. Pregant

Charlie had been hiding a secert from his girlfriend. When she told him that she was pregnat he realised she also had a secert. Charlie was sterial.

7. Boom

Dustin could hear a clock ticking. He hadn’t heard one of them since he was a little kid at his grandparent’s back on earth. Nobody used them anymore, not in the centeray and not on this planet. The ticking stopped and was replaced by a large explosion, vapouring Dustin and taking out the atomopheric regulators to Dome 17.

8. Wrong box

Jamie’s face dropped as she opened the box. She must of grabbed the wrong one from her parents. As she reached for the phone it started to ring. The caller ID showed “Mom” and she prayed that her Mom hadn’t opened the parcel.

9. Freedom

In his hand he held freedom. The freedom to go where he wants, when he wants. The freedom to meet new people and stand on his own two feet. The freedom to get a job and start his new life. The freedom to do anything. All he needed to do was sort out the insurance.


George knew he’d fucked up when he heard the scream. [He wasn’t 100% sure but he guessed that he was in the Women’s changing rooms.]

10 Words or less


He woke up and wondered who’s blood that was.


The SatNav confused him. What did it mean? “Paper Jammed”


Connor couldn’t be fucked. Let the humans deal with it.


The skys were the limit, or so they thought.


As the phone rang he thought about throwing it.


She’d lived a long life, too long in fact.


Connor died long ago but nobody had told him.
Connor died long ago but nodody had told the zombie.


“You fetch the fucking stick” barked the dog.


Amwar hated his parents almost as much as UKIP did.


His one regret and lack of house keys were related.