Stop Saying Start Doing

Saturday, 15 April 2017 21:15

There are a lot of things I say I’m gonna do but I either don’t do them or take a while to get around to them. I say I’m going to sell my Fiesta, that I’m going to have a motorbike trip once a month. I feel bad when it’s a nice day out and I spend my time indoors. I shouldn’t be harsh on myself cos I don’t need to spend every moment outside. It’s okay for me to do nothing from time to time. It’s Easter weekend and I’ve been bored most of it. It’s cos I don’t have anything planned apart from seeing my friend and driving my Subaru. However the Subaru is still at the garage.

I should do whatever I want, when I want, but I need the motivation first. And I shouldn’t be hard on myself when I don’t feel like doing anything.