Going Out At Lunch

Monday, 20 April 2015 22:30

One day I went out in the car on my lunch break. This is something I used to do often in my old job. I’d drive to the nearby park and enjoy my time away from the office. Most of the time I didn’t want to go back, not because it was a nice day out but because I didn’t like my job.

Another thing I would do is just eat lunch in my car, in the car park. Not only to get away from everyone but also to warm up. The car would be soaking up the sun all day and would often be warmer than the office. This wasn’t even in winter, it was just so cold in the office all of the time. Apart from one month when it was like working inside an oven.

In my lunch break I go to the staff room to get away from the computer and read my book for a half hour. Today was a great day; it felt like the first day of summer and I didn’t want to spent the day inside. So I headed out for lunch. I drove about half a mile down the road before I pulled over. I lent against the car reading my book, eating my sandwich and enjoying the sun.

In my old job I’d go out to get away from everyone. In my current job I do it because it’s a nice day out and to get way from the computers. But when I’ve finished my lunch and gotten to the end of the chapter, I just head back to work not because I need to but because I want to. I work in a great place with great people. And on the shitty days I just need to say to myself “Hey, at least this place has central heating”.