Going For A Drive

Tuesday, 28 April 2015 22:22

I went out for a drive with my friend today. We’ve not seen each other for a few weeks now because other things have come up. When we’re both free for an hour or so we sometimes go out for drives together. We catch up with each other and have some fun driving the car or let out some frustration. We’re both able to switch between cruising around town and bombing it down country lanes. Today I was driving and taking roundabouts fast enough to make the tyres squeal. It’s fun to go out in the car with friends and bomb it down the roads. It’s also nice to get away from everything with a friend and just chat.

When we were younger and still at university we’d go out for drives just to get out of the house. We’ve go into the countryside and down lanes we’ve not been down before. I remember us going out when it was icy. Going down hill on a single track lane a car came up at the bottom. I was going down the hill wither I wanted to or not. Every time I touched the brakes they just locked up on the ice and made the car slide sideways. The Mercedes at the bottom of the hill did a quick three point turn and duck into someone’s driveway so we could get past.

Riding my bike and driving around the country gives my mind a break. Instead of having lots of things floating around in my head I just focus on the task of driving. Out on the bike I don’t have to think about riding which frees up my mind to wonder about other things. When I go out on my bike for an hour I could think about nothing or about anything. It just gives my mind time to think and sort itself out.